Taxi Owner Drivers Wanted Across Hertfordshire and Essex.

Flex Taxis is an independent network of Hackney Carriage Taxi Drivers in Hertfordshire & Essex.


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Drive with Flex Taxis Now

  • Due to increasing demand for our services, we now require more taxi drivers to fulfil the transport needs of our clients.
  • If you are aiming to increase your earnings then you should switch to or work along with Flex Taxis.
  • 10% commission rate would apply to all work, all accounts settled on a monthly basis.
  • For cash account and bidding, there will be no commission on your earnings. You only pay a deposit equivalent to the earnings you plan to make.
  • There is zero commission of jobs obtained through bidding.
  • Drivers must be licensed by their local authorities and agree to work on cash deposit, or commission basis.

Register now and submit the required documents to become a taxi driver with Flex Taxis. A representative of Flex Taxis may contact you to discuss your application.

Become a driver
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You can open multiple accounts:

Commission account: The lowest commission on the market (10% of each completed journey)

Cash Account: Pay 10% of the earnings you want to achieve. Example: Pay only £100 and get jobs with value of £1000. No rush, no pressure, no time limit to complete the jobs you want.

Combined accounts (get cash and commission jobs)

Bid for jobs: Bid for advance booked jobs of your choice and in your local area.

Why to join Flex Taxis?

  • Have multiple and extra earnings.
  • You receive jobs by email and SMS.
  • Minimal dead mileage: No driving back empty
  • You spend less time on tax ranks and train stations.
  • You can get jobs from home or anywhere: without going to attend a taxi rank.
  • No lost paid weekly rent when you have not been available to work.
  • You can accept or reject jobs.
  • Have more freedom and flexibility for yourself.
  • No shifts. Decide when you want to work.
  • ALL drivers are treated equally.
  • Always good jobs (national and airport transfers, etc.).


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