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Flex Taxis is a professional first-class airport transfer service that can transport you to and from London Heathrow airport with maximum comfort and convenience. By taking the stress out of your journey, you’ll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy the first stage of your trip. Flex Taxiswill ensure that every aspect of your airport transfer goes as smoothly as possible, taking you door to door from your destination to Heathrow’s various drop-off points spread across its 4 terminals. 

With a range of taxis available 24/7, Flex Taxis is always on hand to assist with your transfer requests and we will work with you to assess your route time and requirements. Additionally, we will monitor your flight details to check your flights for delays or other schedule changes. By taking the stress out of flight monitoring, we’ll work to make sure you are neither too early or too late to your terminal to catch your flight at the correct time.

We can also connect you between airports, so if you need to get from Heathrow to Stansted, for example, we can take you door-to-door between arrivals and departures. Finally, we can take you to nearby hotels if you’re connecting after a short stay in London. 

London Heathrow 

For many years, Heathrow was well known as the busiest airport in the world but now, it’s lost that title to Dubai International Airport! Even so, Heathrow remains extremely busy with a huge 80+ million people travelling through each year! Heathrow’s mighty status is illustrated by some amazing statistics, for example; between 650 and 1200 planes arrive at Heathrow every day and its airspace is so busy that planes have to be held in holding stacks - one plane has to land every 45 seconds in peak time! In excess of 213,000 passengers land or depart from Heathrow each day across 84 airlines over 200 routes in 84 countries. 

Heathrow is 14 miles from Central London, just north west of the capital. It is a dual-runway airport that operates 4 terminals - even though Heathrow lists terminal 5, it does not actually have a terminal 1 since it closed in the 70s! 

Heathrow’s busy nature has seen it expand in many ways over its humble beginnings in the 1950s. It continues to expand with passenger increases of between 1% to 2% each year, amounting to tens of thousands more people.  

Heathrow is a huge airport and is famously dispersed across its operational terminals. It covers a total area of 1,227 hectares, twice the size of second place Gatwick!

Heathrow - One of the World’s Busiest Airports

Heathrow is extremely close to London, easily accessible from across the capital. It is also well positioned for access from all of the home counties including Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire. Heathrow offers a tremendous array of flights, many of which are long haul or transatlantic flights. 

Heathrow has been hailed as the UK’s premier international airport. Not only does it transport 80 million or more people a year, but it also employs some 75,000 people and handles a quarter of exports heading through China, India or Russia. Some 25,000 cups of tea are sold at Heathrow each day and each year, 6.5 million croissants are sold at breakfast across Heathrow’s hundreds of coffee shops and eateries! 

Heathrow’s scale is a spectacle of engineering and the fact it runs so smoothly is a testament to its meticulously well-designed layout and the skill of its aircraft control operators. 

Airlines at Heathrow

Actually, whilst Stansted, Gatwick and Luton offer many budget airline destinations, Heathrow’s focus is very much on its main carrier: British Airways. Heathrow is by far the biggest base for British Airways who operate a diverse array of short haul and long haul flights across the world. British Airways almost exclusively operate out of its fairly new terminal 5, which is the airport’s largest terminal by far. 

Heathrow also operates a significant number of flights to Dubai, operated by Emirates and Etihad, this has fast become one of the busiest routes in the UK travelling outside of Europe. 

Airlines that make-up Heathrow’s 80 total includes a huge host of country-specific airlines that operate a handful of routes. Star Alliance groups many of these smaller carriers under one banner, operated out of terminal 2. 

Infrastructure and Layout 

Heathrow’s infrastructure and layout is perhaps its hardest aspect to describe, purely because there is just so much of it!

Terminal 2

Confusingly for some, Heathrow has no terminal 1! It used to but was demolished in the 70s to accommodate a record-breaking redevelopment plan. Terminal 2 is actually Heathrow’s terminal 1, in effect, and it’s one of its largest featuring over 50 shops and 17 restaurants. Terminal 2 features many domestic airlines as well as the Star Alliance group which operate many country-specific routes on airlines such as Aegean Airlines and Turkish Airlines. 

Terminal 3 

Terminal 3 operates primarily long haul flights on super-jumbos like the Airbus A380. Home to carriers such as Qantas, Emirates and Etihad, terminal 3 is associated with longer international journeys. 

Terminal 4 

Again, largely developed for bigger aeroplanes, terminal 4 operates long haul flights to the Middle-East and beyond in Asia and Oceania.

Terminal 5

Exclusive to British Airways and Iberia, terminal 5 is fairly new and came at the expense of £4.3 billion. The largest terminal by area, terminal 5 has over 50 shops and many more restaurants spanning its vast ground and second floors. 

Shopping at Heathrow

Heathrow offers a tremendous selection of shops, in fact, you could easily compare it to a small shopping centre, especially terminals 2 and 5 which host around 50 shops each. 

From high street shops to designer brands of all types across every spectrum of retail from clothing and apparel to technology, beauty and make-up, food and drink, souvenirs, etc, etc - the list of shopping opportunities at Heathrow is endless!

Designer shopping at Heathrow is incredibly popular and from Harrods to Prada and Gucci, you’re absolutely and comprehensively covered for big name brand shopping at Heathrow. 

Heathrow also offers a massive array of huge World Duty-Free shops that sell everything from alcohol - wine and spirits - to tobacco products, perfume and fragrance, etc. 

Like many airports, Heathrow offers some fantastic deals when compared to high street prices. There are numerous services for delivery or collection of items ordered pre or post flight. 

Food and Drink at Heathrow

Selections of food and drink at Heathrow are incomparable to any other UK airport. Across its 4 terminals, there are literally hundreds of places to eat covering almost every single type of cuisine you can imagine from sushi to Italian, pub food, continental breakfasts, fast food, etc. There is something for everyone and even during peak times, it’s often easy enough to find a seat to sit down and catch a drink or bite to eat pre-flight. 

Heathrow Airport by flex taxis


Heathrow is the UK’s premier international airport. It operates huge fleets of British Airways aircraft to destinations of all types in every continent as well as many other major routes inside and outside of Europe. Between its 4 terminals, it turns over some of the highest passenger loads in the world. 

Flex Taxis have an accurate knowledge of Heathrow’s 4 terminals and will ensure you reach the correct one exactly when you need to. Additionally, we can connect you between terminals or between Heathrow and other airports. 

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