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London Gatwick Airport

Flex Taxis is the best choice for airport travel in and beyond the London area. We provide an exceptional first-class airport transfer service for those looking to travel to and from London Gatwick airport in West Sussex, south London. By taking the stress of travel out of your journey, we can ensure that you reach your destination with maximum ease and comfort. 

Of course, one of the most important aspects of a taxi service is punctuality and we take this to the next level by monitoring your flight details to make time adjustments accordingly. You’ll never be too late or too early to your destination!

With a selection of taxis available 24/7, we can drop you off at the drop-off point next to your terminal, either North or South. Taking the stress out of public transport and the inconvenience of parking, Flex Taxis ensure that the first stage of your journey goes as smoothly as possible. 

In addition to airport transfers, we offer connecting flight travel also, so if you need to travel door-to-door from Gatwick to another airport, e.g. Stansted, then we can take you on the best route to circumvent traffic and take the hassle out of inner London travel.

Gatwick - A Large Airport for the South of England

Given its West Sussex position, Gatwick Airport effectively supplies large areas of the south and west of England. Given that it’s the only London airport positioned south of London, it serves Kent, southerly cities like Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Southampton and cities in the west like Bristol. Its easy access for those positioned south of the capital makes it an excellent alternative to smaller city airports and given Gatwick’s diverse offerings of long and short haul flights, it’s no surprise that many travel from cities in southern England to Gatwick for their flights. 

Airlines at Gatwick

Gatwick is home to a diverse mix of airlines which operate both regular and infrequent flights to both popular frequent destinations and those which are seasonal or less travelled. EasyJet is the airport’s biggest carrier, flying a mighty 18.7m passengers to primarily EU destinations every year. EasyJet makes up approx 40% of Gatwick’s annual passenger flow, operating over 100 routes with a total fleet of 60 aircraft, making Gatwick the airline’s largest UK base!

Second to EasyJet is British Airways who fly a significant number of long haul routes from Gatwick to locations primarily across Africa, Asia and North America. Virgin Atlantic and Norwegian Airlines also operate a significant number of long haul and transatlantic flights from Gatwick. Emirates joined Gatwick to offer flights to Dubai, which now acts as the world’s busiest connecting airport from flights from London. 

Overall, Gatwick’s mix of flight operators makes it an excellent flexible airport for travel in and beyond Europe. All operating from its single large runway, Gatwick has quickly developed its status as an extremely large and efficient single runway airport.

In total, 50 airlines operate out of Gatwick and this is set to expand by another 5 to 10 in the next year. Gatwick’s mix of long haul and short haul operators has made it an extremely diverse airport

Infrastructure and Terminals

Gatwick is a very large airport by area covering some 675 hectares. It has two terminals and they’re not walkable, though a free monorail service connects them every 2-3 minutes. If you get stuck at the wrong one, don’t panic! It should only take 15 minutes or less to reach the departures of the correct terminal. However, it’s obviously recommended you check and double check your terminal before arriving at the airport. 

South Terminal

Gatwick’s south terminal features both arrivals and departures spread across its large ground floor. Built the earliest of the two, the South Terminal of Gatwick serves the majority of its domestic and international flights. Gatwick South Terminal was expanded to add an extra 19 security lanes, additional shops, waiting areas, lounges and eateries. It’s a compact but efficient terminal that is well laid out for quick access to security and gates. 

North Terminal 

The more recent North Terminal was developed in 1970. It now accommodates a similar number of gates and aircraft as the South Terminal. Departures and arrivals are spread over two floors at Gatwick’s North Terminal. Security and gates are well laid out for easy access to the terminal’s aircraft satellite buildings. 

Shopping at Gatwick

Gatwick offers a vast selection of shops spread across its two terminal buildings. Ranging from high street classics like Boots and WHsmiths to high street brands like Accessorize and Next, Gatwick allows you to purchase many cut-priced items either before or after your holiday. 

In addition to high-street shops and brands, Gatwick also offers an awesome designer brand shopping experience with representation from Boss, Harrods, Ray-Ban and Reiss. Once again, items are available for prices well below the usual high street standard and there are options for buyers to collect their shopping upon arrival at the airport.

World Duty-Free also operates a huge stock of wine, spirits, tobacco, fragrance and cosmetics out of Gatwick Airport. Customers can enjoy an exquisite selection of products free of tax and duty. 

Food and Drink at Gatwick

Gatwick’s selection of food and drink outlets is extensive and there really is something for every type of traveller from solo business travellers to large families and everything in between. 

Spread across Gatwick’s two terminals, travellers can find favourites like Nandos, Pret, Wetherspoons and Starbucks. Whether you need a hot meal or a coffee, or maybe some champagne or cocktails to celebrate your time abroad, Gatwick has a vast selection of bars, coffee shops and eateries of all varieties!


Gatwick is a large London airport which offers a diverse selection of flights across many operators. With a great mix of long and short haul flights, Gatwick has developed to become one of the UK’s busiest airports. 

Flex Taxis provides a first-class airport taxi and transfer service to and from London Gatwick. With a selection of cars available, you can travel to Gatwick with convenience, speed and comfort.

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