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Luton Airport

Flex Taxis provide an exceptional airport transfer service for your airport travel needs in and around London. We will take every step to endeavour you reach London Luton airport exactly on time for your flight. By avoiding public transport and extortionate parking costs, our express service ensures that your trip gets off on the right foot. We have a selection of vehicles available for booking 24/7 and are always on hand to deal with your query or quote. 

To maximise the efficiency of our service, we give you the option of inputting your flight details to allow us to track any schedule changes or delay. This takes the stress out of communicating with us in the event of a delay. Instead, we will contact you and discuss the best options for reaching the airport exactly on time. 

In addition to our first-class airport transfer service, we also offer connecting transfers between airports. For example, we take the stress out of connecting between London airports such as Heathrow and Luton - we will pick you up from arrivals and take you door-to-door to departures at your next airport. 

London Luton 

London Luton airport is located in Luton in the country of Bedfordshire. It is around 28 miles north of London, which makes it the furthest London airport from London in terms of distance. It serves the home countries and the South East of England, as well as parts of the Midlands and East Anglia. 

London Luton is a small and compact airport that primarily serves domestic and European destinations. There are a limited number of flights that head to North Africa and Asia also. 

Nevertheless, nearly all of its flights are short-haul and the vast majority are operated by just two airlines; EasyJet and WizzAir. RyanAir does also operate a fairly large number of routes out of London Luton. All in all, London Luton is an airport which has remained quite specific to budget airlines.

Despite its compact network of airlines, London Luton is still very busy and over 16.5 billion pass through each year, making it the fifth busiest airport in the UK, the fourth in London. London Luton has now unveiled expansion plans to accommodate a second terminal which could cost £160m. 

Luton - A Highly Convenient Airport for Budget Flights

Luton is a fairly small airport which makes it extremely convenient for short-term or short haul travellers. It’s compact, streamlined, simple and positioned for easy access from London along a route which is often relatively free from congestion. Perfectly positioned for access from the home counties, London Luton has grown to become one of the most popular airports for those travelling on 3 major budget airlines; WizzAir, EasyJet and RyanAir. 

London Luton has now seen plans for major development aiming to increase its capacity by up to 50%. Plans for a new terminal would bring London Luton on par with Stansted and it’s likely that more transatlantic or long-haul flights would be added to its flight roster. 

Luton, like Stansted, has a great reputation for those looking for a quick or budget break. Flights operating out of Luton can cost as little as £5! It’s certainly possible to pick up a cheap holiday from London Luton and this is what attracts millions to its doors each year. 

Airlines at Luton 

As mentioned, London Luton operates 3 primary airlines; EasyJet, RyanAir and WizzAir. Between these major players and some other smaller airlines, London Luton provides flights to around 120 destinations. 

London Luton’s largest carrier is EasyJet. EasyJet operates over 1/3rd of Luton’s total flights to predominantly European destinations. Included in EasyJet’s London Luton flights are many seasonal routes to either ski or mountain resorts and cities or coastal resorts and cities. 

WizzAir is Luton’s next largest airline operating around 30 routes in and out of the airport. WizzAir focuses largely on Eastern European destinations. 

Finally, RyanAir operates 15 or so routes, a handful of which travel to Ireland. 

Infrastructure and Layout 

London Luton is a compact airport. It has a single terminal built over two floors. The terminal has been rearranged and rebuilt a few times to re-juggle space in order to efficiently accommodate Luton’s expansion. Overall, London Luton is very simple with just 62 check-in desks on the ground floor. Security at London Luton is positioned on its 2nd floor and beyond, there are 28 gates scattered between two piers. Priority security is available from £4 per person for those who need peace of mind during busy periods. 

London Luton’s size is perfect for short-term travellers. It’s incredibly easy to navigate and distances are kept short for the mobility impaired. London Luton is far from the spectacle of major airports like Heathrow but it does the job it sets out to do - it’s a perfectly formed airport for its primary use: budget flights. 

Shopping at Luton 

For such a small airport, London Luton has a rather large selection of various shops. There’s a handful before security, many more in departures and a fair few in arrivals. In fact, its selection of designer brands is perhaps most surprising with representation from Boss, Kurt Geiger and Ted Baker. Of course, major high-street brands are represented as well with the likes of Next, WHSmith, and Accessorize. Technology shopping is provided by Dixons Travel, so if you forget travel adapters, cables, chargers, etc, then do not fear!

Food and Drink at Luton 

London Luton doesn’t skimp out on the food and drinks either. From Starbucks to Pret, there’s something familiar for everyone looking for coffee or light snacks. For larger meals, London Luton even has a Frankie and Benny’s!

There are a couple of bars also for those much-needed pre-holiday drinks and of course, there is a duty-free section provided by Aelia for all your fragrance, cosmetics, alcohol and tobacco product needs. 


London Luton serves budget airlines - it’s compact, streamlined and efficient for its purpose and whilst it doesn’t pack tons of flashy shops and places to eat, it really does offer a surprisingly good deal of airport services.  

Flex Taxis is the number one choice for travel to and from London Luton. We can transfer you to or between London Luton or other airports, or take you to nearby hotels if you’re staying near the capital for business or pleasure.

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