You can join forces with Flex Taxis to benefit from our UK airport transfers service. 

We specialise in UK airport taxis, short and long   distance travel so we can pull together both of our expertise to create something really impactful for customers needing to travel to and from the airport. 

We are looking to work with operators who can recommend our taxi services. 

You will pick up reservations made through us at, and adjust schedules to suit the drivers. You will also be in charge of any issues that the drivers may have.

We do have some criteria that must be met before working with us. This is to ensure that all of our journeys are legal and safe for everyone involved. 

You must have a valid operator license by your respective local authorities, which means that you are legally allowed to take bookings for taxi journeys. We will require seeing this license upon hiring. 


The idea is that you receive jobs from us, and then dispatch the jobs to your drivers. The driver will then work as a representative of you and not of Flex Taxis; so it is imperative that the drivers selected are professional, smart and helpful. 

We deduct 15% from the fare of every job that we give you. This is our admin fee and covers costs on our end. You are then free to calculate the percentage that you give your drivers, admin staff, etc. As long as we get our admin fee for our airport transfers UK service, the rest of the money is yours! We do aim to provide cheap airport transfers in the UK, but also a value service, meaning that our UK airport taxis are both good value and great quality.

We reserve the right to cancel your subscriptions or to introduce a subscription fee whenever we decide to do so. The contract can be terminated at any time, but we will alert you if a subscription fee is implemented. 

If this is something you are interested in, click on this link to sign up, or drop us an email for more details - we’re happy to answer any questions!


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