Join as Taxi/Minicab Operator or Hackney Carriage

Let us fill your diary with high-value taxi and private hire bookings.

We’re always looking for new driver-partners. Our ethos is collaboration, so when you join up with us, we’ll never treat you as a number. We’re openly welcoming independent Hackney carriage drivers or taxi and minicab operators across the UK. We’ll help you connect with more customers for a steady stream of bookings all week long. We focus our marketing efforts on only the highest-value rider profiles including airport transfers, seaport transfers and business travellers. And we’ll always treat you fairly. We provide our online taxi booking service on a flat fee or commission basis. And this puts all the control in your hands. You choose what compensation model works best for you. Lastly, as an independent driver, pick the trips you’d love to complete from all local active bookings. We’ll never tie you into a job.

Register as a partner

How partner registration works

  • Register with your personal or business details
  • Upload your licensing documents
  • Specify your vehicle details including occupancy and storage space
  • Choose your payment frequency: ad hoc, weekly or monthly
  • Select annual fee membership or 10% commission per fare
  • Submit your application
  • Get approved and start driving

On approval, you will have your choice from received bookings as an independent driver. All bookings come via email to your registered address and are displayed on your Flex Taxis dashboard. If operating a minicab firm, simply pass these bookings onto your drivers. You’ll get all the information you need to know about the fare before you accept.

When you accept, we’ll alert your rider and send them a trip confirmation. Your contact details will pass to them as well for easy communication on the day.

Total flexibility

You can choose what bookings you’d like to take and how you compensate us. We have two membership types available. You can join as a commission-based partner. On that basis, we’ll deduct 10% from every booking you complete and there is nothing to pay upfront. Or, you can join as a flat-rate partner. In this case, you pay a single upfront joining fee and then keep your full booking fare. There is no deduction of commission for annual members. This is a great option for high-volume partners in busy locations like London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and more. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll always be treated as a valued partner.