Stansted Airport

Flex Taxis provides a first-class transfer service to ensure you reach London Stansted airport from your destination with maximum comfort and minimum fuss. Taking the stress out of the journey, we will endeavour to make the first stage of your trip run as smoothly as possible. With a selection of vehicles available 24/7, you can bypass public transport and travel to Stansted with maximum convenience and comfort. Dropping you directly at Stansted’s drop-off point next door to the departures terminal, travelling with Flex Taxis a quick, convenient and relaxing way to start your trip!

Our booking service allows you to input flight details enabling us to track your departure and arrival, timing your journey perfectly to make sure you arrive no earlier or later than you need to. We will track any delays and adjust our transfer service accordingly. 

Not only do we offer direct airport transfers to and from Stansted but connecting flight transport also. If you need to connect to another London airport from Stansted, e.g. Heathrow, then we’ll pick you up and take you door-to-door between each airport. We can also take you directly to hotels both nearby or in and around London.

London Stansted

Of the 5 London airports, Stansted has quickly grown to become the 3rd busiest in London following Gatwick and Heathrow and 4th busiest in the whole of the UK following Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester airport. Located in Essex, 42 miles northeast of Central London, Stansted is extremely well placed for travellers from London, the South East and East Anglia.

Stansted operates more than 22 airlines and tour operators and has the highest amount of EU destinations of any UK airport - the 2nd most in the whole of Europe behind Munich! 

Covering 200+ destinations in 40+ countries, Stansted is one of the UK’s fastest growing and most exciting airports!

Stansted - A Busy London Airport

Compact, convenient and easily accessed from both the capital and the areas surrounding, it’s perhaps no surprise that Stansted is in the process of a £600 million development plan that seeks to accommodate its rapidly growing numbers of passengers, which rose by 57,000 between 2017 and 2018. Adding new flight carriers, routes, infrastructure and services, Stansted looks set to continue its reputation as one of the UK’s leading airports. 

Stansted’s success is largely owed to its location and superb accessibility, as well as the fact that it features many budget airline careers which provide low-cost flights to nearly every country in Europe and several destinations beyond. Out-of-season flights from Stansted can be astonishingly well priced, with airlines like Ryanair offering flights to some near European destinations for as little as £4.99!

Stansted has gained an awesome reputation for spontaneous holiday-makers, students and business travellers. It offers an exceptional array of destinations for amazing prices and is perfectly situated as an airport. 

Airlines at Stansted

London Stansted provides a huge array of flights from many major low-cost carriers and budget airlines. It also features several more country-specific airlines, like Air Moldova, Air Corsica and Aurigny, who fly to Guernsey. 

Stansted is perhaps most well known as the base of Ryanair who serve a whopping 130 destinations from Stansted alone. Easy-Jet also provides more than 40 routes from Stansted and Jet2, now the third biggest airliner in the UK, also run a considerable number of low-cost European destinations from the airport. 

Stansted is pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to cheap flights to near destinations and its convenient one-terminal layout streamlines the travel process for those travelling on short routes. 

Stansted’s focus on budget airlines combined with the lower costs of flying in Europe have helped see its popularity as an airport surge - 10.8 million seats were available on flights from Stansted in the summer of 2018!

Lately, transatlantic and longer-haul flights have begun to fly from Stansted including Emirates who operate a flight to Dubai. Long haul flights from Stansted are only set to expand with Stansted’s new development plan, meaning travellers in and around London will have greater choice when picking destinations outside of Europe. 

Infrastructure and Layout 

Stansted is compact and well-laid out in both arrivals and departures. It features one large oblong shaped building with a glass front which is divided into three key areas. 

Firstly, you have the check-in area which features check-in desks and bag drops, an array of small shops like WHSmiths, cash machines and toilets. 

Overall, walking around Stansted is quite easy and the distances passengers have to to cover are short compared to larger airports. This is a great benefit to those who are mobility impaired. 

There are no gates in the main Stansted building and instead, there are three separate satellite buildings which are divided between Stansted’s 93 gates. Gates positioned furthest from the terminal are operated by a small electrical train - a transit system - which operates very frequently as a short-distance gate shuttle. 

Security and Departures 

Departures are positioned towards the back-left of the building, beyond security. Security at Stansted is pretty efficient and often very quiet during off-peak times with virtually no long queues. Frequent flyers or those who travel during peak times can pay for security fast-track available from just £7.

Passport Control and Arrivals

Arrivals are positioned at the far right of the building. Passport control priority can be purchased from £7 per passenger, enabling frequent flyers or business travellers to bypass passport control queues. 

Stansted Airport by flex taxis

Shopping at Stansted

Stansted offers a great selection of shops ranging from high street favourites like WHSmiths and Boots to designer brands such as Boss and Ted Baker. 

In departures, shops are laid out through the central section of the building in an open plan style. Stansted offers a click-and-collect service where customers can buy online and collect at the shop, there is also an option to leave your shopping at the airport for collection upon arrival. 

Flyers can also shop at Stansted’s World Duty-Free shops for cut-price bargains on cosmetics and fragrances, tobacco products, wine, spirits and more. Once again, customers have the choice of shopping online and collecting at the airport or leaving their shopping at the airport for collection upon arrival home. 


Stansted is a fairly small and streamlined airport which offers an astonishing amount of destinations. Don’t let its small size fool you - Stansted is packed with everything you need from an airport. 

Flex Taxis will take you directly to Stansted from your destination. Our excellent service will track your flights making sure you’re never late or left waiting. 

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