How to Offer Good Customer Service as a Taxi Driver or Taxi Company

A lot of people underestimate the importance of offering good customer service as a taxi driver or taxi company, when it’s actually a vital part of building a successful and popular service. Not only does good customer service encourage people to choose your taxi service time and time again, but it showcases you as a company that believes that their customers deserve the best.

  • Always Be Punctual and Efficient - If there is one thing a taxi driver or taxi company should be, it’s on time. With appointments, flights, meetings and days out relying on a customer arriving at their destination with plenty of time to spare, being late is not an option. This also means you should always take the quickest and most direct route, and be efficient with the service you provide.
  • Friendly and Professional Drivers are Key - A customer should feel relaxed and at ease when they are in a taxi, which is why friendly and professional drivers are key. Regardless of how long the journey is, a customer should feel as though they are in safe hands for the duration of their trip. A taxi driver should be friendly, approachable and experienced.
  • Make It Easy to Book a Taxi Online - A lot of people like to book taxis from their smartphone or tablet, as it’s quick and easy, so making it easy to book a taxi online is an important form of good customer service. This can be done via a dedicated app or from a website, but the process should be simple and straightforward. Without this function, some people may take their business elsewhere. If they have an event or special occasion coming up, a customer is likely going to want to book their taxi ahead of time. By offering taxi prebooking services, you are showing customers that you value the importance of their journey. There is less of a risk of them being left without a ride if prebooking is an option.
  • Resolve All Issues Quickly - On occasion, an issue may arise. Perhaps a journey has been double booked or a taxi driver is running late, or you may not have enough room in the taxi for all of the passengers. If an issue arrives, resolve it as quickly and professionally as possible. The basis of good customer service in any industry is being able to resolve problems when they arise.
  • Have All Required Policies in Order - As a taxi driver or taxi company, you need to have all required policies in place before you do anything else. These should include a refund policy, cancellation policy and complaint policy, and procedures all of them. Not only does this ensure everything is handled in the same way - for example, that all customers are refunded in the same way - but it means all passengers know what to expect in the event of a complaint or cancellation. Simply, it keeps everyone on the same page and reduces the risk of disagreement.
  • Have a Clean and Safe Vehicle - It’s important to have a clean, safe and well maintained car at all times. This means scheduling regular mechanical checks, regular cleans and staying on top of services, MOTs and repairs. Passengers should get into a car immediately seeing that it is clean and cared for. After all, they are paying for a service and shouldn’t have to settle for anything other than a spotless vehicle. Similarly, they should get into your car knowing that it is completely safe and professionally serviced.
  • Be Transparent About Pricing - A lot of people are put off of using a taxi due to the fear of unexpected costs, so stand out by always being transparent about pricing. It’s a good idea to agree a price for the journey with the customer in advance, as this will help you to avoid disputes. Nobody wants to get to the end of their taxi journey, only to find the taxi driver is asking for a lot more than they expected to pay. When you are discussing the cost of the journey, cover any additional costs that the customer may face such as meet and greet, luggage, baby seats and waiting time. You can also take the payment in advance to ensure payment is paid, especially if the customer is not a rgulary.

As a taxi company, treat your drivers well and with respect. Without them, your business cannot achieve anything. You are much more likely to attract professional, experienced and hard working drivers if you treat them well.

Build a Valued Customer Base With Good Customer Service

As you can see, there are a number of ways to provide good customer service as a taxi driver or taxi company. Whether you are carrying out airport taxi transfers or offering a corporate taxi service, good customer service can set you apart from competitors. It’s one of the key ways to retain existing customers and build a valued customer base. With there being a lot of taxis in the UK, standing out from other companies is vital.

Posted: January 26, 2022