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Organisation/Business Account

If you are interested in setting up business or personal accounts with Flex Taxis, please give us a call, send us an email at, or fill out the online form. Taxi service  accounts are invoiced on a monthly basis.

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Personal Account

Any person may open an account. Please send email at and include your contact number and the account manager will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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If you want to save the hassle of organising and paying for each individual journey you make with Flex Taxis then we offer personal and business accounts for regular travellers.

A personal or business account is your own personal transfer and taxi tab. It gives you access to powerful tools to organise your bookings, saving you both time and energy when managing your transfers.

By owning a personal or business account, you can manage your bookings from one portal, allowing you to schedule, edit, add or delete journeys as you wish. Payment details, addresses for pickup and airport terminals will be saved allowing you to replicate past journeys without having to re-input new details.

You’ll also be able to request specific cars, e.g. executive cars, for priority pickup within the London area.

Personal Accounts

If you travel regularly between London and its airports then you can create a personal account which allows you to save and replicate journey details, streamlining the process of booking a transfer. By selecting an address from your address book and an airport destination including terminal, you can quickly make new journeys using existing journey details.

Personal accounts also provide unique access to journey management tools as well as the ability to book priority executive vehicles for rapid pickup across Central London.

Our personal accounts managers will look after you and will be on hand 24/7 to deal with requests and queries.

Business Accounts

Efficient, responsive taxi service for businesses

Create your corporate private hire account today to access UK taxis nationwide. Benefit from a fast pickup, an easy-to-use booking system and 24/7 UK service. Enter just a few business details and quickly make an airport taxi booking or private hire booking. We service all major UK airports, seaports and tourist attractions. Our cars are all operated by licensed minicab companies or Hackney carriage drivers. Make your London taxi booking or search for a ‘taxi near me’ in seconds with an executive taxi service account

Managing many airport transfers in and around London is a difficult task; our business accounts system streamlines the process for you, taking the stress out of organising domestic and international travel for your employees.

Pickup points and destination airports are easily selectable, journeys can be scheduled to monthly routines and with exclusive access to highly trained executive drivers and vehicles, we ensure the first-class service for our business account holders.

Our business account managers will look after you and your account and will always be on hand 24/7 to assist with bookings and queries.

Contract Taxis

Contract taxis are ideal for regular journeys that run to schedules. By setting up a contract taxi, you won’t need to worry about making repeat bookings - we’ll handle your booking for you and so long as your contract remains in place, we’ll supply your chosen transport as and when you need it.

Simply contact us to organise the contract and we’ll fulfil your journey regularly according to your schedule.

Contract taxis are useful for:

  • Regular transfers between airports for specific flights. For example, if you regularly travel on a domestic flight then we can keep a contract taxi in place to transfer you without even needing to make a call. We will keep your flight number on record to track any delays outbound or inbound.
  • Business journeys in and around the capital.Contract taxis can transport you or your employees between sites or offices on a regular basis. This takes the time and stresses out of having to make regular bookings for multiple people.
  • Long distance business trips.If you regularly need transport beyond London then contract taxis can run to your long distance business trip schedule. This also includes transfers between train stations.
  • Transfers between hotels.If you regularly transfer from airports to local hotels for short stays then contract taxis can run to your stopover schedule.
  • School and education. Contract taxis can operate to a school or university schedule.
  • Events. If you need regular transport for business events or conferences then contract taxis are an ideal way to manage regular multiple journeys for multiple employees.