How to stay safe and deal with disputes as a taxi driver

How to stay safe and deal with disputes as a taxi driver

Taxi drivers are normally able to keep themselves out of danger, but disputes are inevitable from time to time. Thankfully, most disputes are quickly resolved, but sometimes drivers can feel that their safety is at risk. Working as a taxi driver can be hazardous not just because of the conditions out on the roads but because these professionals allow complete strangers into their vehicles every day too. In this article, we’ll talk about the steps taxi drivers can take to keep themselves safe so they can earn a living without living in fear.

What kinds of risks do taxi drivers face?

Taxi drivers face multiple risks whilst they are out on the roads. Obviously, they have the same risk of being caught up in a collision that every driver has, but they are also tasked with transporting passengers who could become threatening or violent at a moment’s notice. Car repairs can very troublesome for taxi drivers as they won’t be able to use their vehicle whilst it is in the garage.

Drivers also face the risk of being out of work for a long time if their car is written off after an accident and they need to wait to source a replacement. Taxi drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident because they spend more time on the road than most other drivers. This is why it’s so important for taxi drivers to arrange suitable insurance cover. With the right cover in place, taxi drivers are covered for most kinds of accidents they could be involved in.

Other reasons taxi drivers could be at risk

Taxi drivers also face the risk of being injured or abused by their passengers or potential passengers. Many drivers work late at night, which means there is a big risk of them picking up drunk and abusive passengers. There are steps that drivers can take to keep themselves as safe as possible when they are out picking up fares. These include keeping the amount of physical cash in their vehicles to a minimum. If a driver does need to carry cash, it’s wise for them to keep it in a secure box where a passenger cannot see it. Fitting a screen to a taxi can prevent passengers from being able to access the front cab. Some screens are made from material that’s so strong it can withstand penetration from a knife.

Installing CCTV

CCTV can act as a powerful deterrent, but it can also provide drivers with vital evidence that can be used in court if a passenger does decide to try their luck. The best way to let passengers know that they are being filmed is to install a sign in the cab. Adding a convex mirror to a cab can also be very effective as it shows drivers exactly what is happening in the back seat.

Agree on fares beforehand and talk to your passengers

Tensions can flare up when passengers are charged more than they expect at the end of a journey. A good way to prevent these tensions is to agree on the fare before the journey commences. Passengers are also much less likely to cause trouble when their drivers have built up a rapport with them. Finding something light to talk about during your journey can reduce the chances of the experience becoming a confrontational one.

Other ways to stay safe

Drivers can also keep themselves and others safe by not driving when they are tired, respecting speed limits, avoiding becoming distracted, driving slowly in built-up areas and only adjusting their sat nav system when their vehicles aren’t in motion.

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Posted: July 26, 2022