Safety measures a professional taxi driver should take

Safety measures a professional taxi driver should take

The vast majority of the time, most taxi drivers are able to get through their shifts without finding themselves in any sort of danger. However, safety shouldn’t be taken for granted, and there are several steps that taxi drivers can take to minimise the chances of being in dangerous situations. Let’s take a look at some of the most important safety measures professional taxi drivers can take right now.

Trust your instincts

It’s strongly advisable for taxi drivers to trust their instincts if they suspect that something is wrong and they could be in danger. If a taxi driver has any doubts about their safety, they should always refuse a fare. In the modern climate, more and more people are paying for taxi journeys online and with contactless cards, which means drivers don’t need to carry as much cash in their cabs as they used to. If a driver does need to carry cash, it’s best for them to carry the bare minimum that they think they will require during their shift. They should also keep the cash hidden away in a secure box that’s not visible to passengers.

Ensure your whereabouts are known

Make sure somebody always knows where you are during your shift. If you work for a company, your controller will know what your current location is, but you can also use apps on your phone and lone worker devices to ensure a trusted person is aware of where you are. If you do find yourself in a challenging situation, try to soften the mood with non-confrontational body language and avoid shouting or becoming aggressive. Call the police if you do feel you are in imminent danger.

How can drivers adjust their vehicles to make themselves safer?

Adding a screen to your vehicle can be very effective when it comes to keeping you safe. Screens for taxis are made from materials that can withstand knives and the impact of bodies. Installing CCTV in your cab can also be very helpful. Not only does CCTV act as a deterrent but it can also ensure useful evidence is available if a case is taken to court. Convex mirrors can also be very useful as they let you know what is happening behind you.

Other steps you can take to keep yourself safe

Working at night tends to be much riskier than during the daytime. One of the reasons for this is that you’re likely to pick up passengers who are under the influence of alcohol. This is why it’s so important to avoid driving whilst you are tired. It’s essential that you can remain alert at all times. Don’t accept a fare until you feel safe enough to do so and control passenger access to the front of your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to make eye contact with your passenger or passengers as soon as they step inside your vehicle. This will help you establish a relationship with them. Conversing with your passenger in a friendly manner can also help you keep the atmosphere light and reduce the chances of tensions flaring up later.

Agree a fare beforehand

One of the biggest reasons for disputes arising between taxi drivers and their passengers is money. This is why it’s so important to try and agree a fare beforehand. Passengers can become aggressive when they are asked to pay more than expected at the end of a journey. Thankfully, many taxi journeys are now paid for online before the passengers even get inside the vehicle.

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Posted: July 26, 2022