The Pros and Cons of Being a Taxi Driver

 If you are thinking about becoming a taxi driver, you are probably keen to find out the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. To help you out, we have listed the top pros and cons of a taxi driver career. There are a number of fantastic reasons to work as a taxi driver and it’s easy to see why so many people head down this specific career path.

CON - Fake Bookings

Though the majority of bookings will be real, you may encounter a handful of fake bookings. This usually involves a customer making a booking and then not turning up, without making an attempt to cancel or let you know. This can be costly, in time and money, as you may have made the journey to pick them up. Plus, you could have turned down other customers thinking you were already booked.

PRO - You Have a Flexible Working Schedule

One of the major advantages of being a taxi driver is that you have a flexible working schedule. Instead of working standard office hours - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm - you have the freedom to work at times that suit you. This means being a taxi driver can fit in around collecting the kids from school, spending time with your family and running errands.

CON - Could Be Required to Work Evenings and Weekends

People rely on a taxi to take them from A to B at all times, which means you could be required to work evenings and weekends. In fact, evenings and weekends are some of the busiest times for taxi drivers. You could also find yourself working unsociable hours, such as providing airport taxi transfers early in the morning or doing a long distance taxi journey on a Sunday night. This can make it difficult to spend quality time with friends and family.

PRO - Constantly Meet New People

Working as a taxi driver gives you the opportunity to constantly meet new people, as every journey brings with it new passengers and new destinations. Though some customers will prefer to keep themselves to themselves, a lot are keen to talk to their taxi driver. It’s rare that you will work with the same people each and every day, as you would in an office or retail job.

CON - Rogue Customers

The majority of customers you encounter will be friendly, honest and trustworthy. However, there are always going to be a few rogue customers. These are a huge downside of being a taxi driver or company, as they may not pay you at the end of the journey. This is why paying a payment in advance is always recommended. Rogue customers can also come in the form of driving strangers or criminals. Doing so can put you at risk of being attacked, especially when customers are drunk or they refuse to pay.

CON - It’s a Relatively Stress Free and Straightforward Job

Whether you provide a corporate taxi service or train station pick ups, working as a taxi driver is a relatively stress free and straightforward job. This is ideal if you are looking for a career that avoids office politics, unfair bosses, long commutes and stressful meetings.

PRO - You Don’t Need a University Education

As long as you have a driving licence and pass the necessary background checks, you can start your career as a taxi driver. You do not need a certain level of education to become a taxi driver, meaning it’s an opportunity that’s open to everyone. This also means it's something you can turn to at any age, regardless of your previous workplace experience.

CON - You Have a Responsibility to Passengers

When you have a taxi driver career, you have an ongoing responsibility to passengers. It is your responsibility to drive correctly, to be professional and to offer a safe transportation service at all times. From the moment your shift as a taxi driver begins, you have a responsibility to passengers.

Though there are some downsides of being a taxi driver, as there are with all careers, the positives far outweigh the negatives.


Posted: January 26, 2022